Sunday, February 04, 2018

Katie Roiphe: The Other Whisper Network

Her long-awaited article on the so-called "Shitty Media Men" list:
   No one would talk to me for this piece. Or rather, more than twenty women talked to me, sometimes for hours at a time, but only after I promised to leave out their names, and give them what I began to call deep anonymity. This was strange, because what they were saying did not always seem that extreme. Yet here in my living room, at coffee shops, in my inbox and on my voicemail, were otherwise outspoken female novelists, editors, writers, real estate agents, professors, and journalists of various ages so afraid of appearing politically insensitive that they wouldn’t put their names to their thoughts, and I couldn’t blame them.
   Of course, the prepublication frenzy of Twitter fantasy and fury about this essay, which exploded in early January, is Exhibit A for why nobody wants to speak openly. Before the piece was even finished, let alone published, people were calling me “pro-rape,” “human scum,” a “harridan,” a “monster out of Stephen King’s ‘IT,’?” a “ghoul,” a “bitch,” and a “garbage person”—all because of a rumor that I was planning to name the creator of the so-called Shitty Media Men list. The Twitter feminist Jessica Valenti called this prospect “profoundly shitty” and “incredibly dangerous” without having read a single word of my piece. Other tweets were more direct: “man if katie roiphe actually publishes that article she can consider her career over.” “Katie Roiphe can suck my dick.” With this level of thought policing, who in their right mind would try to say anything even mildly provocative or original?
   The core of this isn't new. Feminism has been getting progressively more insane for, what, forty years? And the insanity of feminism is just one prominent, representative species of the insanity of the left generally--which is largely driven by hatred of straight white men, and the desire to punish them. Justly or unjustly...such details don't matter.


Blogger Pete Mack said...

Um. There have been a number of criticisms of Shifty Media Men published. It was clearly a badly flawed experiment. I would not want to talk to Roiphe on the record, because I would not trust her to publish a story that reflected anything other than her own opinions, and forced my comments to match.

11:53 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

Not sure what you're thinking here. The women all talked to Roiphe, and clearly trusted her to report their claims accurately. Who they didn't trust was: feminists.

Roiphe's no less trustworthy than the average journalist, and much more trustworthy than most.

So I think you're really wrong about that.

8:21 PM  

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