Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Character Assassination of James Damore

The most important fact of the case isn't that Google is a cult. Nor is it that Damore got the science right. It's that he got the science approximately right. If he were making up loony things about race and sex differences, it wouldn't (would it?) be crazy to fire him. But he wasn't. He was simply stating things that are reasonable to think given what a well-informed layperson would (and should) have read about the relevant science. Even if he gets/got some things wrong (and, of course, even if the current science is wrong), what he wrote was reasonable.
   One lesson: there are certain (seeming) truths that we are not currently allowed to acknowledge. It got Larry Summers fired. It got James Damore fired. Uttering such well-justified-and-fairly-likely-to-be-true propositions gets thousands of people vilified every day in the U.S. Many more simply pretend not to know what they know they know.
   If you're keeping quiet about all this, you're aiding and abetting the totalitarians. You should stop doing that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's much more than just silencing scientifically reasonable opinion here, take a look at the details of the Damore suit. There is open discussion about refusing to hire white conservatives, blacklists of people who engage in wrongthink, and clearcut harassment (all with written records in email chains and forum posts). This stuff is bad.

Also, I would note that ur-SJW Laurie Penny seems completely incapable of perceiving wrongdoing here, if this article in the Graudion (the proper spelling when this is what they publish), shows. Basically, Damore is a bigot, not a socially awkward aspie making scientifically valid points, so bring the tar and feathers.

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