Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Straight Dudes Are Now Obligated To Have Sex With Other Dudes If The Other Dudes Dress LIke Women. ?

You're a dude.
Dressing like a woman does not make you a non-dude.
Genuwine has no obligation to have sex with you.
C'mon, fer the luvva god...ya got a hard is this to understand?

[I can't believe that these ridiculous, sophistical tactics seem to be working so well. First, ignore the difference between sex and gender that feminism has spent the last thirty years (rightly!!!) insisting on...thus blurring the difference between changing gender (which is fairly easy) and changing sex (which is, currently, impossible...and which will remain impossible for some time). Simply insist that feminine men are women and masculine women are men. Then insist that others must casually affirm this via socially-(and sometimes legally...)enforced misuse of words (e.g. 'woman,' 'man,' pronouns). When people object, insist that it's merely words, that refusal to play along is psychological violence,  and that truth doesn't matter (ergo it would be unreasonable to refuse). Then clearly demonstrate that it's not merely about words by demanding that we must let them use the wrong restrooms and locker rooms... And ultimately: that straight dudes have sex with other dudes pretending not to be dudes...else they're bigots.
   Look, what pisses me off so much about this is that so many people are knuckling under to this nonsense...and themselves becoming part of the social shaming task force that badgers others into paying lip service to such patent nonsense. I mean, look, the dude who's after Genuwine is right in a sense: if you think/say he's a woman, and you're a straight dude, but you rule out having sex with him in general rather than on any specific grounds...then that does seem to be basically a kind of prejudice akin to ruling out sex with a woman of another race in general. For the time being, heterosexuality is still grudgingly tolerated by our progressive cultural overlords... But that's not a defense if you affirm that "transwomen" are women. Because they're women. According to those of you who've drunk the Kool-Aid, anyway. Of course, compulsory bisexuality will be on the table in the next ten years or so... (Except for lesbians, naturally...but both straight and gay dudes are already frowned upon for their sexual preferences by the PC left.)
   I mean, look: I'm somebody who has long acknowledged that enforcing gender norms is weird and probably indefensible, and that both heterosexuality and homosexuality are kinda weird. I'm in no way blind to the obvious weirdness of these aspects of our humanity and society. But this "trans" nonsense is ridiculous and incoherent, and exactly the wrong way to address the issues.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

9:09 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

The Daily Wire's actually pretty good.

Do you think the story's false?

9:18 PM  
Anonymous c0vek said...

The story isn't false, the editorial opinion in the article does come from a rightward trajectory. The sad thing is that the left has fallen for this crazy stuff, which is the only reason why this can be broadly considered "right".

It's pretty amusing since people (granted, the relatively small number of internet leftists) have bought into this line of thinking to such a degree that they condone the sexual assault against Ginuwine. If the roles were reversed, they'd be ready to pillory him in three seconds.

Ah to be young again, and still believe the left was more inclined to rationality than the right. As I susupected, even back then, it's all just monkeys throwing shit at once another.

5:26 PM  

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