Thursday, January 25, 2018

So Apparently It's Just "Migrants" Now

'Illegal aliens' --> 'illegal immigrants' --> 'undocumented immigrants' --> 'unauthorized immigrants' --> 'migrants'
   The PC war against accurate terminology proceedeth apace. I suppose we're not supposed to acknowledge the relevant illegality in any way--nor are we even supposed to acknowledge which direction they're headed. Y'know...they're going in or out...legally or illegally...whatever.
   As for pouring out the water: it's not going to save anyone's life. It's just making it easier for people to get in illegally. Which is, of course, the point...


Blogger Aa said...

Just as I thought a long time ago, they're also going after legal immigration:

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know, it me as pretty obvious that the presence of the water caches might save lives. People do die of exposure in the Southwestern deserts, illegal/undocumented/unauthorized/im-migrants not uncommonly. Saying the water caches make crossing the border "easier" is obtuse, and a little callous, since the way it becomes "easier" is to make it slightly less likely to kill you.

This reminds me of the the late 80s, when dedicated drug warriors were trying to shut down needle exchanges, largely on the grounds that being able to use heroin without catching AIDS made using heroin easier. I very much doubt there were many, if any, heroin users on the edge of quitting who decided to keep it up cince at least they wouldn't catch AIDS. I doubt there are many, if any, people contemplating sneaking over the desert for whom the difference between going and not going is the chance of finding a water cache if their own water supply runs out.

2:19 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...


Immigration numbers continue to rise. I'm averse to that because of the population problem. So I'm actually *not* averse to revisiting the numbers question, perhaps moving to keep them steady for awhile--at some point in the relatively near future, anyway. There are some reasons in favor of not doing it *right* away because of the retirement of the baby-boomers.

I'd also like to see us cut legal immigration from countries in proportion to how many illegals are coming in from those countries--or at least I'd like us to consider that.

Of course reasons matter--and do worry about the GOP's reasons.

5:01 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...


The water's much more likely to be used by people who are going to survive the trip anyway. So it's actually obtuse to *deny* the point I made. People *do* die...but not all that many. And not many of *those* would find the caches even if they were randomly-distributed. Though I'll guess they are actually cached in places that are more they're less-likely to be found by the people who'll really need them.

Also, if you're right, and the cache's *are* likely to save lives, then they *will* make it more likely that people will cross. People might not hold back out of fear of getting thirsty, but they definitely hold back out of fear of death.

I don't want people dying trying to get into the U.S. But I don't see eliminating such caches as evil.

An alternative might be setting up water stations that automatically summon the Border Patrol--we'll help save your life...but not for free.

Part of my hard line on all this is probably unwarranted. If the left weren't trying to, basically, do everything possible to increase illegal immigration, I'd be more sympathetic to water caches. The existence of things like sanctuary cities, however, makes me think that the other side is already playing hardball.

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