Friday, January 05, 2018

Obstruction Watch: Trump Tried To Stop Sessions From Recusing Himself From Russia Investigation

Nobody this side of MSNBC still thinks that there was collusion, do they? If you do, you probably want to start talking yourself down.
Obstruction is the serious question for the few of us non-delusional types still running around.
For the record, it's not that I want the president of the United States to have tried to obstruct's that I don't see any other plausible way to interpret the Comey firing. But my layperson's opinion is almost worthless. It's a legal question. My attitude remains: trust the system; wait and see. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I realize this is a thread of tweets, which makes it seem rather asinine, but some of this is compelling, no?

10:32 AM  

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