Monday, January 22, 2018

Drum: "Whose Fault Is The Shutdown?"

tl;dr: The GOP
Seems about right to me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know, what good reason is there to tie the funding of the government to DACA? Given the obvious divide between the parties, it was almost guaranteed that that demand would result in a shutdown to anyone with remotely decent political intelligence. Since I assume Schumer is a competent political operator, I have to conclude he chose that tactic with the assumption the shutdown would be blamed on the Republicans and thus forcing them to accept DACA on terms favorable to Dems.

That's a very aggressive move to say the least, and again, I don't see how it could be made without acknowledging a sizable chance of a shutdown. Drum hand-waves this away by saying Republicans knew it in advance, but that seems like him talking his book not fairly assessing the situation.

If conservative Republicans didn't do the same thing a few years ago over the debt ceiling (which in fairness is at least more obviously related to the government budget), they'd really have the high ground.

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