Sunday, January 07, 2018

"Colorblindness" Is Totally Racist

Stupid clickbait...though that describes everything in Huff'n' I guess the loony lefty clickbait market is booming. And people are actually pushing these stupid clickbait ideas as if they were serious ones. So...clickbait...but potentially consequential clickbait...


Anonymous Critical Spirits said...

I can't figure out what these people want. On the one hand, they want to rectify past transgressions and give non-white people the same opportunities and treatment as white people (which is really what 'colorblindness'), but then they fire back and claim that we *must* treat everyone differently in some respect.

Even if "treating others differently in some respect" is logically consistent with equal sociopolitical standing (and maybe it is), it would seem that claiming that we *should* see color is actually an obstacle to that end. And of course there is *TONS* of evidence to support this.

This is an intellectual vice that drives me crazy to no end-- shifting one's principles to combat criticism coming in from multiple sides.

Also, obvious strawman is obvious.

9:05 PM  

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