Saturday, December 09, 2017

PC Left Bullies A Woman To Death For Refusing To Have Sex With Someone

August Ames was actress who made pornographic videos. (Though, for the record, I myself am unfamiliar with her oeuvre.) She was apparently working for a company who tried to to trick her into making a video with a male who also makes gay porn. Her objection was a purely prudential one: for health-related reasons, she (apparently like many other women in her industry) didn't work with guys who make gay porn. (Though it doesn't matter why she didn't want to do it; all that matters is that she didn't. Funny how consent goes out the window when there's some way to spin an action as un-PC...) The Twitter mob decided she was "homophobic" (a stupid word, but I guess it's the one we're stuck with; a mongrel of Greek and Latin roots, for one thing...for another, it's typically used to indicate an aversion, not a fear.) She herself was bisexual, as she made clear...but this didn't matter. The harassment continued. She hanged herself because she was so distraught by the accusation, and the badgering. 
    This is political correctness, distilled into one of its clearer forms.


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