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Anti-White Racism And Its Link To PC Race Mythology

First, let me say that I do think that there are interesting things about race that scholars might want to discuss. (Note that I don't have to say that, and I probably shouldn't--it sounds like an apology for the rest of what I'm about to say. But there it is, anyway.) 
   But look: there's about 1/10,000th as much of importance to say about race as has been said in the humanities and social sciences in the last 30 years. It's kind of important topic. However, it's probably not in the top 50 most important things about life, the universe and everything. The humanities and social sciences have made race and "gender" their central concepts for political reasons, not for intellectual ones. They're like Christian cultists who simply can't shut up about Jesus--it's nothing but sin, sin, sin all day every day. The contemporary academic view of race (and "gender," etc.) is deranged. But it's not just that a crazy theory is loose in academia. That'd pretty much be par for the course. It's not isolated to publications, it's the central view in (apparently) many classes. And now its the subject of official university-wide re-education events. Students are being indoctrinated with irrationalist, racist political views. 
   Here's a link. Here's a link.
   First, unlike, say, black history month, "whiteness" history month is obviously not celebratory. Even from the sketchy information given, we know what's up: it's mainly about how bad "whiteness" is, and how to get rid of it. (If you doubt that, I'll be happy to make a bet on it.)
   Notice that the whole thing is predicated on a by-now-familiar PC terminological shell game. 'Whiteness,' you see, isn't the property of being white! The term 'white'--or "white"--is about race --or "race". But there isn't any! Whiteness, that is. No...I mean...there is whiteness! There is no...uh...white? Because white is a race, and there are no races. No, wait...there are races! Ha ha! Of course there are! But they or something... Well, there are and there aren't, depending on which is politically convenient. Anyway, 'whiteness' isn't about being white! is used as a "shorthand reference" to being white...but...somehow...also "to privileges/power that people who appear to be ‘white' (note: appear to be what?) receive." So it means both a natural biological kind that doesn't exist and a set of privileges had by people who are imagined to belong to that non-existent kind. In short, there is no such thing as being white. But some people seem to be white. But whiteness has nothing to with that,'s non-biological: it's a set of "privileges" and powers had by people who all, remember, seem white...but aren't really... And of course it's all bad. And they are bad. And Whiteness history month is about how to eliminate them. I mean IT! Eliminate it! Ha ha! You see what we mean...
   Problem is, I kinda think that I do...
   Remember when some students asked "if there's black history month, why no white history month?" The answer was, of course: You are racist for asking that question. That's the worst answer you could possibly give. And there's a good answer, but it takes a little white to figure out and state. And it robs the left of the opportunity to calls someone white "racist." So Basically, the answer, as usually, was: that's racist and you're racist.
   I think people should be concerned by the fact that that their position changed...when and only when they figured out a way to make a white history month that was anti-white. Now white(ness!) history month is fine! In fact, I have no doubt that now it's racist to not want white(ness!) history month...
   Look, this shit isn't a joke anymore. This is cultish insanity that has taken over the social institution that helps form our collective world-view, and that is charged with passing it along to the young. It's blatantly racist. And, unlike the Klan, it has spun out a whole crazy tangle of theories as part of its effort to impose this religion on academia's captive audience.*  The left takes over academia and spins out massive obfuscatory theories, new journals to publish them in, and enormous numbers of new disciplines (the x studies wasteland) specifically created to spread the new religion. They've also captured administrations so that colleges and universities now have official events like this one--"whiteness" history month--so that there can be no doubt that these views are officially endorsed by the institution itself. 
   Notice that the very most cutting-edge, crackpot view is built into the very idea of the event. It's not an event for discussing these issues...not an event in which a crazy idea will be thrown out for consideration, along with other views. The newest, craziest, leftiest view is baked right into the fundamental idea of the thing.
   This would be a joke if it weren't for real. Instead, it's an existential threat to the very idea of the university. And, honestly, I fear: to Western civilization. I know that probably sounds crazy, too. But there it is.

I'll give the Klan this much: at least they're honest and straightforward; they just hate non-whites. They don't take over academia and spend thirty years making up a new secular religion to obfuscate their racism. I at least have a certain amount of respect for someone who just up-front says, in effect: I'm just an asshole is what. I'll take an honest Herp, derp blacks R bad over cultish mind control any day.


Blogger Pete Mack said...

Im going to have to disagree with your example. There was a lot of black history that had been essentially forgotten within my lifetime. That's not all that long ago. So giving recognition (not to mention actually covering it) isn't unreasonable. In contrast, we've been studying the same "white" history for 2500 years. (Yes, I read parts of Herotidus in college.)

And even now, could you name any black soldiers or officers from the Tuskegee Airmen, or the Buffalo soldiers, or the black divisions in WW I and I? In the civil war? I can't.

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