Saturday, October 14, 2017

Thomas B. Edsall: "Democrats Are Playing Checkers While Trump Is Playing Chess"

I'm not so sure about that... I'd say it's more like: Dems have let the nutty PC left become influential in their party. So now, rather than the sane party vs. the Trump party, it's crazy party 1 vs. crazy party 2.
   Says one Arthur Lupia:
Many liberal elites, who see right-leaning voters as blindly following the edicts of an unbending dogma on many issues, have little to no awareness of their own blind allegiance to an unbending dogma on many issues. This blind spot, which has only grown in recent years, makes the left exceptionally easy to troll. In other words, the left’s lack of awareness of the excesses of their own evolving dogma makes it increasingly easy for Breitbart, Fox News, and similar-minded others to portray liberals as hypocritical and out of touch with the day-to-day lives of many Americans.
I'd say that this quote shows part of what's wrong with the Dems. It's largely right...but it soft-pedals the problem. The left is easy to troll, but that's merely a consequence of the bigger problem, which is the blind spot. But the bigger problem is the unbending dogma. And the even bigger problem is that the dogma is insane. I mean, by all means, worry about how easy you-all are to troll...but don't pretend that's the real problem. 
  Well...on second thought...the dogmatism is such an integral component of PC crazy...that I'm not so sure it really is less important than the content of the dogma.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Basically Progressives are only at the stage of only admitting they look bad. They need to recognize, insofar as they are under the sway of PC insanity, they are bad.

That said, the American Progressive elite has marinated in this sort of pathetic superficiality for almost a century. You can go to the 40s and read Dorothy Thompson discussing who becomes a Nazi, and making the entirely self-satisfied judgement that no mannerly, well-healed cosmopolitans would ever be drawn by Fascism (Heidegger must have been a conveniently overlooked, along with the majority of Germany's burghers). Appearance drives judgement more than we would ever like to admit, especially among those who have no meaningful stake in anything besides the opinion of their peers.

1:51 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

Yeah, I agree. It reminded me, too, of the verdict we get every four years from the party that loses the Presidential election: we failed to make our message clear / get our message out / communicate our vision / etc.

It's never that our ideas were bad or even unpopular--it's always: our marketing lost out to their marketing.

We're never wrong...hence we never must change. We never even learned anything. Given that this is always the verdict, one wonders why the losing party even bothers to hold the summit.

2:52 PM  

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