Saturday, October 14, 2017

"MAGA Hats Are Newest Sign Of Pre-Teen Rebellion"

I've suggested this before: when one side becomes intolerably, intolerantly, dogmatically moralistic, independent thinkers and those inclined to yank the chain of the man are going to be driven to, well, yank their chains. I say that the progressive/PC/SJ left is the Moral Majority of our case anybody remembers the Moral Majority...
   But here's another thought: when everybody and his brother was running around in Obamaesque hopey-changey wear...was that identified as a "sign of pre-teen rebellion"? Or bullying? Is there a double standard in play? Or no?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Note also previous generation's rebellion was around restrictions on sex and drug use. Certainly annoying but ultimately small potatoes. These kids are rebelling against a moral authority that is basically claiming they are the source of all evil due to their skin color (none of which they actually committed), and at all times they must be aware of this evil and defer to others of different skin colors. Even when, as an on-the-ground reality today, the brunt of the racial victimization is actually born by them.

That's existentially crushing, and when they finally get some liberation from it, how are they going to respond to their former school marms? And where will the shattered pieces fall? Because the old morality is not going to survive much longer. It can't.

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