Saturday, October 28, 2017

Halifax Pop Music Festival Apologize For "Overt Racism" Of White People Refusing To Move To The Back Of The Room

We really are dealing with a kind of religion here. Anyone who would actually believe these sorts of things probably can't be reasoned with:
   The Halifax Pop Explosion music festival is apologizing for the actions of a volunteer who interrupted a performance by Polaris Prize-winning singer Lido Pimienta with "overt racism."
   A statement on behalf of the festival's board of directors addresses the singer directly and promises to make changes to improve "anti-oppression and anti-racism training" over the next year.
   "We are sorry that one of our volunteers interrupted your art, your show, and your audience by being aggressive and racist," reads a Facebook post signed by vice-chairman Georgie Dudka.
   The aggressive racism was refusing to move to comply with the demand that she move to the back of the room because she is white. That monster! Obviously "anti-oppression and anti-racism training" are required!
   "Finally after saying it about 10 times — and the woman refused to move — (Pimienta) said, 'You're cutting into my set time and you're disrespecting these women, and I don't have time for this."'
   Event organizers say the volunteer was removed from the show and ultimately chose to sever ties with the festival.
   The clash was emblematic of the opinion that prioritizing people of colour — particularly women — is "reverse racist," says Rutgers.
   "It's those mindsets that create that sort of pushback at the shows," she says.
   "I don't know if I would say it can be attributed to the crowd Pop Explosion gets, or more so just the sort of people that exist in Halifax and the mindsets that prevail here." really are dealing with cultish derangement here. I mean, the defending the racist demand is crazy...but much crazier, to my mind, is the seemingly (or at least possibly) real conviction than there's something crazy about the "mindset" that sees reverse racism as reverse racism. Gosh, I's just the people you get there, I guess. Deplorables and the like, I mean. I never know what to make of such crazy talk. Does Ms. Rutgers genuinely believe what she's saying? Or is this doublethink combined with a pose that aims at simulating certainty--as if questioning the performer's crackpot demand were so obviously wrong that it's not even on her conceptual radar. I often just can't tell which kind of crazy it is with these people.
   Another thing about the left that's totally cracked is that their racist motives are unquestionable--they're basically right up front with them. I'm fairly hesitant to level accusations of racism...many cases in which the left cries racism! are actually unclear (of course in many cases it's the other direction...). Racism is typically a hypothesis, not something directly observed. But the PC/progressive fringe...they just put those racial prejudices right out there in front of God and everybody--relying, I suppose, on their redefinitions of the term or a thin cover-story about redressing past wrongs to give them plausible deniability.


Blogger The Mystic said...

But see, you’re just confused because you don’t understand what racism is! It’s all about socioconstructed power dynamism, you see, and since power is inextricable from the construct of whiteness...

3:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am much more likely to be called a racist because of the color of my skin.

8:28 AM  

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