Thursday, October 05, 2017

Gareth Porter: "When Did Congress Vote To Aid The Saudi's Yemeni War?"

This Yemen thing is not getting any less ugly.
Support H. Con. Res 81! Resurrect the War Powers Act!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The War Powers Act is one case where Congress' ineptness is a feature not a bug. In clear-cut justified cases, Congress will have no trouble declaring war (post Pearl Harbor for instance), but at least it would be virtually impossible for the FP establishment to scratch their intervention itch if they had to pass it through an interminably divided Congress. Which is exactly the sort incentives you want for war making.

I would note this is still not perfect. Congress almost certainly would have declared war on Iraq in 2003, for instance, and obviously Wilson was able to bungle WWI for years with the authorization of Congress.

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