Thursday, October 05, 2017

Conservatives Are Being Purged From YouTube, Twitter, And Other Social Media Sites

Patreon, too. There's been so much of this happening that it's frankly amazing to me that there's not a peep about it on the news...well...actually...come to think of it...maybe not all that amazing...
   Here's the latest: 37 Prager University videos removed from YouTube. Some of the Prager U videos are dumb, but some aren't bad, and some are actually pretty damn good. Not that that matters. They could all suck and it would still be bullshit to suppress them for political reasons.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish this were more covered as well, because it is exactly the sort of metastatic McCarthyism I thought would come out of the Russia/Charlottesville hysteria. But do you think a terminally ill media establishment is going to cover a few monopolies burying their competition, throwing them the slightest hint of a lifeline?

9:49 AM  

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