Sunday, October 08, 2017

CA Declares Itself A "Sanctuary" State

On the one hand, I've long been inclined to say: I wish the left would go ahead and admit that it's for open borders.
On the other hand, as Brown notes, this doesn't prevent ICE and DHS from operating in CA and doing their thing.
On the other other hand, it does seem to be the state of California impeding the feds as much as it can get away with.
   I suppose that, to some extent, this sort of disagreement has become symbolic, and actual details about good policy have been kind of shuffled off to the background. I'd think it'd be obvious that we have to discourage people from entering the country illegally and staying here illegally. OTOH we have to do that humanely.
   I just don't have a clear enough fix on the details of what's going on to deserve much of an opinion. Though my guiding though recently has been that the greatest danger is posed by a flood of unassimilated illegal aliens. Without fairly strong reason to believe that this won't cause major problems, I say avoid that.
   As I've said before, though: if the Dems were finding their inner libertarian, I'd be more sympathetic. That is: if they were arguing that we should throttle back on governmental controls generally, it'd be different--if, say, they were arguing that nobody really needs a drivers' license, the government need not keep track of us all so closely, filing tax returns isn't such a big deal, etc. I'm not necessarily for those things--but at least it'd be principled. But they aren't. They're arguing ad hoc...though in predictably ad hoc ways.
   Eh, I don't know.


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