Thursday, September 07, 2017

Think Progress Editor Suggests That Thinking Politically Incorrect Thoughts Should Not Be Tolerated

He doesn't quite argue that--but he doesn't quite not argue it, either.
   It doesn't matter all that much what this one jackass thinks--except insofar as he is expressing a view that just doesn't seem to be that uncommon on the left. In fact, that idea was, it seems to me, pretty common during the paleo-PC era as well. This is one of the creepiest/craziest things about the radical left: it wants control over your mind as well as your speech and other actions. As a conservative friend of mine has long put it: the right just wants you to behave; the left wants your soul... I'm not certain that the bit about the right is right; but the bit about the left is right, and no doubt.


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