Saturday, September 02, 2017

Scott Shackford: Every Cop Involved In The Arrest Of This Nurse Needs To Be Fired

I'm not entirely sure that they all do--but the bystanding cops need to at least be disciplined. It looked like at least one guy was trying to talk reason to the guy. But that asshat Payne must be fired.
   Honestly, I'm not sure how people resisted knocking his ass out, cop or no. What a psycho. That's some fascist shit right there. I'm not sure why the nurse, Ms. Wubbles, freaked out like that--for one thing, she's going to be a reasonably wealthy woman after this...
   Anyway, that sonofabitch Payne needs to never work in law enforcement again.


Blogger Aa said...

If someone larger and stronger than me, with weapons and authority, started "manhandling" me I'd probably freak out a bit also. Especially when that person is knowingly breaking state, federal and constitutional law and doesn't seem to care (or can't think enough to realize what they're doing)!

2:30 PM  
Blogger Pete Mack said...

The supervising cop needs to go too. He had no excuse not knowing the law here, nor recognizing that the hospital administration was not likely to be inventing it out of whole cloth. And yes. The nurse's response of complete outrage was pretty reasonable under the circumstances.

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone even higher than that has to go. When you look at the wider situation: Payne was trying to do a blood draw on a truck driver who was hit by a suspect fleeing police. The truck driver was not charged with a crime, and Payne claimed he needed to do a blood draw to check the truck driver for drugs to "protect" him. That makes no sense. But what does make sense: as soon as this burned, comatose truck driver wakes up, he's going to phone a lawyer to sue the police for creating the situation in which he was injured. Courts should and do hold departments liable for this, which is why smarter departments have a policy of not engaging in high speed pursuits, just scooping the suspect up in a manhunt later. Someone high up in the department was aware of their liability, and was hoping to find a bit of THC or pep pills in the truck driver's blood so they could argue in civil court that the truck driver was impaired and partially responsible for his own injuries.

So this department broke the law, Payne assaulted and falsely arrested a nurse, while attempting to violate the truck drivers constitutional rights, all so they could evade liability for the endangerment of the public and actual injuries caused by their chase. top to bottom, that department needs cleaning out.

3:53 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

Holy are...obviously right, Anon...


5:01 PM  

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