Sunday, September 24, 2017

NYT: "Push For Gender Equality In Tech: Some Men Say It's Gone Too Far"

This is surprisingly objective.
   Though, not to quibble: it's not "gender equality." It's about sex, not gender, and it's about what seems like an artificial balancing of numbers, not about eliminating discrimination.
   Thing is, there just can't be any real doubt that this sort of thing has gone too far--that is to say, become unfair and unreasonable in many ways. Those who continue to pretend that pointing out the obvious reveals or constitutes prejudice can either cut it the hell out and admit the facts, or continue to further alienate those of us who refuse to pretend that the Emperor's duds are the greatest thing ever.
   In general, this has kind of become a battle between people who refuse to pretend that day is night and those who are happy to pretend whatever they're told to pretend.
   I'm interested in addressing the weirdness of sex imbalances--but not by creating even worse, even crazier problems--and certainly not by creating an official public myth that everyone must pretend to believe on pain of accusations of prejudice.


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