Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Transgender Ban Frozen While Mattis Moves Forward With New Review Of Options

This seems like a better course of action to me.
   I do worry that the PC theory of transgenderism (or, as some say, "trans ideology") and the almost-boilerplate adjunct view that questioning it is verboten...has become too firmly ensconced, and that an objective reviews will be politically difficult or impossible. But it seems preferable to a Trumpian ban by fiat. It's basically my rejection of the theory that makes me think a ban might not be necessary. I don't believe that e.g. Jenner believes himself to be a woman, I'm inclined to think, rather, that he wants to be a woman. That's a strange and hopeless desire...but the former is, so far as I can tell, no different than thinking that you're Napoleon. The natural interpretation of it is as a kind of insanity. And it seems like that ought to be a problem when it comes to military service. It's the politically correct story line...but unlikely to be the truth. So maybe military service will turn out to be a rational option.


Blogger Aa said...

Say goodbye to Mattis...?!? (I too think it's the better course of action)

10:13 AM  
Blogger Random Michelle K said...

I swear I've said this to you before, but as a biological female who has lived her whole life as such, the idea that any male with all attendant privileges would *want* to present as female, with all the attendant dangers and problems is so utterly beyond my ken that I can't see how it could be conceived as a rational choice.

It takes me back to the 90s, when a gay friend was asked the question, "why did you choose to be gay?" to which he replied, "because I couldn't make enough people hate me just for my personality."

In the 80s and 90s there was an individual who was obviously biologically male who dressed and presented as female. Everyone in town knew about Smiley. Smiley was no danger to anyone, and was always happy and cheerful (hence, the moniker Smiley by which all of town knew them).

To be clear, this is the 80s and 90s in WV. There was no positive here for Smiley. It was all stared and loud comments and probably beatings, although I never ever saw Smiley out after dark, so perhaps they avoided it.

Which goes back to my original point--I don't see how Smiley or any other biological male would want to present as female, would want to take on all the baggage and hatred if it was something more than a wish or a want.

Also, consider the katoey of Thailand, and similar groups in other cultures.

8:39 PM  

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