Thursday, April 06, 2017

Micro-Inequities Exclude!!!

Don't miss out on this!:
Our words are only 7% of the message we send when we engage with those around us. The small things we do beyond our words may, unintentionally, create misunderstandings and poor working relationships. Participants will choose from 58 MicroTriggers™ identified in Janet Crenshaw Smith’s book, either something that bothers them, or that they observe, to consider during review of the things we all most desire and fear. Individuals will have the opportunity to demonstrate and exaggerate micro-message control to better understand the subtle messages we all send. All participants will share positive micro-messages for and with one another.
In this workshop, participants will:
* Define and identify micro-inequities (difference to micro-aggressions)
* Choose one or more micro-inequities for personal growth
* Review 7 Universal Fears and Desires
* Demonstrate micro-message control (word choice, tone, actions and body language)
* Consider the impact of a 1% bias
* Identify positive micro-messages for use at work
1% bias?!
Man, this workshop has it all!
(My emphasis in bold. Just didn't want you to miss that notable sentence.)
I'm mostly amazed bythe extraordinary precision with which we can now measure the percentage of "the message we send when we engage with those around us" that our words constitute.
This new learning amazes me.

Welcome to the contemporary university. Part vocational training center, part amusement park, part social justice re-education camp. And oh, might learn something here, too, if you're lucky.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's micro-inequities, Winst. You gotta get the buzzwords right. That's SJW 101!

11:43 AM  

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