Wednesday, April 12, 2017

It's OK To Compare Trump To Hitler...But Not OK To Compare Assad To Hitler

So here's the long-standing, revered, and inviolable rule that the left just made up:
It's never ok to compare anything/anybody to Hitler
And here's a bunch of stuff from the left over the past year or so comparing Trump to Hitler:
Trump-Hitler Comparisons Continue After Inauguration Day
Trump Using Mein Kampf Playbook Says Expert
What Germans Think About Hitler-Trump Comparisons (hint: maybe ok)
WaPo: Hitler-Trump Comparisons are Overstated (note: overstated; not verboten...)
Pops Frances [lol aka 'Pope Francis'] Comes "Pretty Darn Close" To Comparing Trump to Hitler
HuffPo (lol I know, I know...): Trump Takes Page From Hitler's Playbook
Amnesty International Compares Trump To Hitler
Anne Frank's Stepsister Compares Trump To Hitler

And on and on and on...
   So, you see, it's ok to compare Trump to Hitler...because he literally is literally Hitler...but it's not ok to compare anyone else to Hitler. Even Stalin. Even Mao. Even Himmler, I guess is the idea.
Trump however...
   I don't think this is a trivial point, in part because I think it shows how irrational the anti-Trump left (broadly construed) has become. They're clearly wrong about this, and yet I'm encountering a lot of them who are just out of their minds in spittle-flecked rage about it. Any ability to be objective about the issue should allow people to see that it's at least not so clear. But a lot of people have lost any ability at all to be even a little bit objective when it comes to Trump.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm just going to throw it out there, but the secret to Trump's success has nothing to do with his policies or character. It has everything to do with how his enemies respond to him. He so thoroughly unveiled the GOP establishment as hidebound fools subservient to the interests of the rich that even red staters rejected them. He also has undermined a lot of the Democrat brand, which used to be based on liberal virtues of tolerance and rationality (not exactly on display in this episode). He is political negative space.

Establishment Dems are thoroughly moronic about this, and he will keep burning at them like acid until they learn to live up to their self-image.

9:01 AM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

I'm pretty much with you, A.

My (less sophisticated) version of the thought has been: if Dems could just be *minimally rational* for *just a little while* they could win this argument.

Actually, I'm not even sure that's true anymore. I wonder whether it's more like: they've already lost. But they can lose nobly or they can lose their soul along with the argument...

Jesus this is all awful.

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I wonder whether it's more like: they've already lost. But they can lose nobly or they can lose their soul along with the argument..."

This is where being minimally rational would help the Dems. Trump is very much a product of the craziness of 2016, with the third world flooding Europe, the energy sector on the brink of absolute ruin, and SJW nuttiness at its peak. This will die down eventually. The absolute worse thing would be to tarnish the brand unalterably with nutso, meaningless point-scoring, because the long game is by no means over. But that is what's happening.

The Hitler thing is very minor ultimately. I would be far more concerned about either: the Russia investigation backfires big-time, or they think going full SJW is the path forward (which it definitely is not).

7:00 PM  

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