Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Bill Nye, The Pseudoscience Of Sex, And Neo-Lysenkoism (NSFW?)

   My God that thing is terrible on just about every level it has. I guess if you ignore every particular thing about it and just try to see it as generically sexually liberatory you might make some kind of a case for it...but that's a long stretch.
   Bill Nye isn't a scientist, of course, he's an entertainer. He basically toes the line on a bunch of lefty pseudoscience--GMOs, "social constructionism" about race, the whole sex/gender train wreck, and so on. That's bad enough...but now the dude has become a kind of spokesperson for scientific autonomy from politics...while being a shill for the left. And honestly, that's the vibe I got from the March For Science--that it was (a) part genuine appeal for scientific autonomy/objectivity, (b) part leftish anti-Trump somethingorother.
   I think it's very bad to smoosh (a) and (b) together. Piously defending objectivity while using that as a stalking horse...just not good at all.


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