Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Bill Nye The Pseudoscience Guy

   And a book called "Undeniable" on top of everything else. It's not that I expect evolutionary theory, in its broad outlines, to be overturned...it's just the principle of the thing. Science groupies like Nye have a tendency to flip-flop between All science is fallible and provisional and This science is undeniable as it suits their purposes.
   And then there's this facepalmerific, pseudoscientific, stinking pile of gender studies.
   Jeez I really used to like this guy. It's weird how such Gestalt shifts happen...but when you see it, you see it. Dude is a charlatan and a shill.
   [Ugh. That too.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if this is a reflection of Nye's actual opinions, or compromises he made as a leader of the Science March, which activists wanted to shoehorn identity politics into. I'm really only going off timing, so it's entirely circumstantial.

4:31 PM  

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