Wednesday, March 15, 2017

SM-27/28 Machete: Replacement For the A-10?

I'm psyched about the possibility of a propeller-driven attack plane...not that my opinion has any more authority here than that of a 10-year-old, since my only criterion is basically it would be so cool!!! 
   Also: it'd be super-cool to have both prop and jet variants.
   Actually, it does seem like you'd get lower air speeds and longer loiter times--and apparently it keeps the GAU-8! (Though I've wondered whether it might be more effective to use something lighter...we don't actually fight a lot of tanks anymore... What about going to two 20mms or...dare I say it?...a buttload of .50 cals??? You know you're all thinking it...
   Special shout-out in that article to the awesome OV-10 Bronco, too.

   Disclaimer: I rate weapons systems only on the basis of their coolness factor, which is all I'm competent to judge.
   Also: killing people is wrong.


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