Thursday, March 30, 2017

NC: Some Kind of Deal on HB2

Eh, I'm basically trying to ignore this because it's all such a shitshow. It would be kind of a difficult even if both sides were rational. But both sides are irrational.
   "Progressives" are almost certainly going to win this, of course, because progressives now win just about all the cultural fights...which is better than the other guys winning them all...but worse than the rational position winning out in all the cases, of course.
   If feminism flipped on the issue, that might change things--but that probably won't happen soon. Feminists are actually somewhat split on this stuff, though the pro-"trans" feminists won that fight for now. I won't be a bit surprised if things change in the future, especially if public restrooms and locker rooms are integrated by sex. If that becomes the status quo, I think it's virtually inevitable that the more radial sectors of feminism with flip and become, basically, anti-"trans."
   I do recognize that e.g. men who represent themselves as women face problems with respect to public restrooms. But I don't think that's the main motivation here. I'm inclined to think that the more powerful and salient motive is the desire to be recognized as women (or, in the other case, men). As either Dreger or Bailey or one of those people points out--and they know what they're talking about--it's crucial to the people in question that others participate in their fantasy. Being yanked out of it by someone telling you you're in the wrong restroom, or using the "wrong" pronoun, is apparently quite the buzzkill.
   Now, the violence reason remains a good reason for us, whether it's actually their main reason or not...but it's not exactly clear how to deal with that problem, nor how extensive it really is.
   But I'm not so much interested in the practical problems as I am interested in how easy it is for progressives and the PC left to trick/bully the culture into accepting something patently false--in fact, something totally nuts: that some men are "really" women. The position is totally daft, and the arguments for it are catastrophically invalid. Look, by all means, let's talk about whether or not the sex-segregation of public facilities is ever permissible. But allowing ourselves to be brainwashed into accepting that some nights are actually's surreal.... Especially when the exact same arguments were, in the case of "transracial" Rachel Dolezal, declared to politically incorrect that they were not to be discussed...
   Eh, whatever. This is all dumb, but people don't care, and I'm just going to turn into an even bigger kook if I keep thinking about how crazy this all is.


Blogger Pete Mack said...

If someone really looks like a man, let him (or her) use the men's room. If someone really looks like a woman, let her (or him) use the women's room. Mostly, I don't care about this issue one way or the other. And yes, in this one case, looks really do matter--just consider the impact on the others in the room.

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