Friday, February 10, 2017

The Return of Sully: The Madness of King Donald

I'm not sure exactly how much I agree with this in its details...but I'm just glad Sullivan is back.


Anonymous John Plato said...

So glad to see Sullivan writing again. I miss the Dish quite a bit. When he is on his game, there's no one better, but he does have certain blind spots, fetishes and obsessions that tend to repeat over time.

His mania over Sarah Palin, for example, which ended with him repeatedly spouting conspiracy theories about her faking Trig's premature birth, even rather nastily accusing Palin of lying about Trig being her child. That was an ugly time.

I get the scent of a similar mania possessing him about Donald Trump, and hope I'm wrong. I mean, it's not hard to understand why, but Trump's criticism of Cuomo for not asking Blumenthal more about faking his military service is not really the blue-is-red reality-warping scandal that Sullivan portrays it as here, and there is some amount of stolen valor in Blumenthal's conduct that really is much more distasteful and deceptive than Trump's tweet.

I hope Sully can learn to triage Trump's blatherings and actually focus on the stuff that matters. He'll be in for a long stay in a rubber room if he can't.

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