Friday, February 10, 2017

Open Borders Watch: "Protest Erupts In Downtown LA"

Via /r/politics...where the hundreds of comments were uniformly condemnatory of the raids: this.
   So I've been saying for years that the left is committed to an open borders position. People have disagreed with me a lot about that, but I have to say...I kinda sorta don't see how that can be denied at this point. Explicit advocacy of open borders is cropping up now...but, of more interest to me: widespread tacit advocacy seems (to me, anyway), undeniable. Take this article. According to it, there are a million illegal immigrants in L.A.. This raid apparently picked up one hundred of them. On top of that, ICE claims that the raids were targeting criminals. If this isn't legitimate, then it's kinda difficult to see how any enforcement of immigration laws is legitimate. And that's in effect an open borders position.
   Perhaps we should be discussing open borders. I'm inclined to think that that's the end of the United States*--but I'm willing to listen to arguments. Perhaps it isn't. Or perhaps the nation-state is an illegitimate entity. But I think that the policy has to be openly stated, openly advocated, and openly discussed. Currently, what we get from the vocal sectors of the lefty-left is incessant claims that virtually every effort to enforce immigration laws is immoral...but with no acknowledgement that this entails de facto open borders. Of course liberals are not going to push to acknowledge the implications. And when conservatives do, they'll be called racist. As if no one would care if there were eleven million illegal Canadians in the country...
   On this, like so many other issues, I'm starting to wonder whether I'm the crazy one. Needless to say, I may well be. But I'm willing to change if somebody will just send the right arguments my way.
   Anyway: needless to say, Trump's made this all worse. And after him...the deluge from the other side.

* I used to think that my conservative bud J. Carthensis was a nut for saying that the end of the United States is exactly what the left wants... wrong about that...right? I mean...certainly the average "progressive" on the street doesn't want that...but... I mean...there is significant overt hatred of the West and the U.S. among farther-left intellectuals and activists. There's this growing acceptance on the left of positions that seem to entail the end of the U.S...where that entailment isn't exactly deeply hidden. There's the near-religious advocacy of "multiculturalism," which, in its leftier versions (but not, of course, most of its versions) is difficult to distinguish from an anti-Western-culture position...
   No no no. That's just crazy talk. crazy talk...right?
   Its' possible that I'm just exposed to too much stuff from radical intellectuals and internet morons... I sure hope that's what it is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're exposed to too much stuff from radical intellectuals and internet morons.

Stop it.

7:49 AM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

Thank God.

8:01 AM  

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