Monday, February 27, 2017

Daniel Larison Explains It All For You: Military Stuff

Thanks whoever it was (P-mac? LC? I don't remember) for reminding me about Daniel Larison, who I'd somehow forgotten about for, like, years.
Readeth thou of these things:
Trump's Nuclear Babble
Throwing More Money At The Military Is A Waste
Why A Larger Military  Budget Makes No Sense
Trump's Weak Justification For More Military Spending
   And, let me say: I'm someone who is sympathetic to the large-scale Shock And Awe strategy: overwhelm potential enemies so that they recognize that competing with us militarily is simply not an option. Don't let e.g. China think that they have any chance of building a military that's competitive with ours.
   Do you want arms races and wars? Because that's how you get arms races and wars.
   But anyway, that doesn't mean you have to go bugshit about it.


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