Thursday, February 16, 2017

Atheists No Longer The Most Hated Group With Respect To Religious Beliefs

Suck it, Muslims!
   Also Mormons. You-all can suck it, too, as it turns out.
   Everybody's rating could be boosted if they'd just put Scientology on there, I reckon. I suppose it's not big enough though.
   But look: this survey will undoubtedly elicit shrieks of "Islamophobia!" from the usual sectors of the left...rightly to at least some extent, no doubt. And wrongly to some extent. I'm not really interested in that.
What I'm interested in is that you never hear the following:
   The PC left has a '-phobia' term or a 'mis-' term for everyone who disagrees with them on some point of doctrine...but they not only never accuse people of the things in the list above, they don't even have terms for them.
   So why is that?
   Well, the obvious conclusion--and there's plenty of evidence for this--is that the usual suspects on the left don't think that dislike of any of those religions (and non-religions) is bad. Their general tactic is to pretend that terms for bias and bigotry...magically and contrary to their clear ordinary not cover bigotry against whites, males, and so on...that is, the groups they think (often rightly) are more powerful. So their terminological mythology includes claims like: women can't be sexist, and non-whites can't be racist (sometimes with the qualification: not in Europe and North America, anyway.) Anyway, the PC left is very similar to the proverbial anthropologist who respects every culture but his own. The idea is something like: it's ok to hate things that are relatively mainstream in the West (and, in particular, the U.S.). PC-approved things and groups, however, one cannot have any negative thoughts about at all. If there's any way at all to even spin what you say into something negative about them, you are the worst kind of moral criminal. Open hatred of PC-unapproved groups is not only permissible but obligatory. That may be a tiny bit of an exaggeration...but not much of one, I'd say.
   But, anyway. I suppose there's no sense really complaining about a political movement that is proudly misologistic...and that's a respectable term, IMO...
   Just griping again. As usual, I'm undoubtedly wrong about at least some of that.

*Oh and: don't get me started on the PC left's attachment to the '-phobia' suffix...


Anonymous Old Gringo said...

On the other hand, there is a big difference between attitudes impacting policy concerning Mormons, atheists, and Muslims. Mormons and atheists are not a target for discrimination in the way that Muslims are. In NYC we had active surveillance on Muslims at mosques and elsewhere for years:

This is only one example but there are others. The potential for even more discriminatory policies targeting Muslims is also real. Public perceptions and attitudes toward Muslims and Islam certainly play a role in support for these kind of policies. Disliking Mormons and atheists may not be as big of an issue because nobody seriously thinks that those groups are suddenly going to have their freedoms infringed by the government.

8:35 AM  

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