Friday, December 02, 2016

Trump Has Already Started Screwing Up Our Foreign Policy

Jeez what an embarrassment.
Oh and also: dangerous...I mean...there's that part too...

(Though, sidebar: is Farage actually anti-immigrant? Or is this akin to one of those intentional conflations of 'anti-immigrant' with 'anti-illegal-immigrant'? I don't know anything about Farage.)


Blogger Aa said...

My impression is that he's anti-immigrant. One of his stated reasons for leaving Brexit was to stop citizens of other EU countries from working/residing in Britain. Fun factoid, his wife is a German citizen.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Critical Spirits said...

Farage is not anti-immigrant per se. He has expressed in his immigration policy speeches that he wishes to control the number of immigrants that can be accepted to the UK, and he wants to place qualifications on what kinds of people can enter the country, i.e. skilled laborers.

Farage thinks that unskilled laborers who are willing to work for less pay have flooded the workforce, and are undermining middle class workers.

It seems to me that Farage is against EU citizens working in the UK because he agrees with the general sentiment that Trump exppressed in his quote "Mexico...they're not sending their best..." Sifting through the accusations of criminality, there is also this idea of middle class workers losing out to cheap labor.

I always wonder why this type of position is taken to be inherently racist (I'm starting to ramble). My only guess is that when Farage or Trump or whoever starts speaking about the category of "unskilled labor from other countries," it overlaps with some non-white racial category; though I take it that this association is merely an accident? Or at least it is in some relevant sense.

So no, if we are to believe Mr. Farage, he is not anti-immigrant, though he is against the idea of allowing "just anyone" to enter the UK.

Whether or not he is justified in believing that a massive overhaul to immigration policy is one of the most tenable solution to fixing the problems of the middle class is another issue, however.

6:41 PM  

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