Friday, December 16, 2016

"Transgender Girls" Are Not Girls

   The left just keeps on pushing for victory via redefinition on this issue.
   Push for the policy if you like--that is, push to end the segregation of restrooms by sex. But spare me the attempts at persuasive redefinition and the bad metaphysics. A girl is a juvenile female human (though it can be used more expansively to mean any female human). Insisting over and over that you just can't figure out why some girls aren't allowed to use the girls''s not fooling anybody. Or...well...maybe it is... Many on the left seem to at least be pretending to believe it...I'd bet they do at least half-believe it, since that's possible...if you don't think about it too hard.
   I agree that we should keep the status quo while the case is being considered--and I don't care which state of affairs is deemed the status quo. Whichever it is, keep it for now. I agree with the principle and I don't care whether it accords with my favored outcome or not.
   I'm inclined to keep sex-segregated restrooms and locker rooms, but I certainly see the arguments on the other side. And I recognize that "transgendered" individuals might face violence if they use the right (i.e., sex-appropriate) restroom. And that's a factor. I think it's kinda dumb to give up a system that works fairly well because a very small percentage of the population feels uncomfortable and might occasionally face more substantial problems...but, then, I've grown up with the old system...and I'm not even all that wild taking a whiz in front of other guys... So I dunno, maybe I'm not the best person to ask... Also, I'd rather not add the occasional girl to the mix... But I could be wrong about the policy question.
   As for whether a male can be come female or vice-versa simply by feeling or declaring himself or herself to be the opposite This shouldn't be controversial. This is the kind of case that the phrase "politically correct" was basically invented to cover. The idea that some men are women isn't actually correct...but it's politically correct. It's the kind of utterly daft nonsense that the left can not only convince itself of...but can convince itself that anyone who even questions it is an evil bigot. (Incidentally: if you doubt the truth of doxastic voluntarism just behold the political extremes...)
   Well, there's no need to rehash these arguments yet again. This case just makes me crazy because all the main craziness of the left is so clearly on display here: the zany theories that originate in the most disreputable corners of the humanities, the insistence that p is not-p, the frothy accusations of bigotry against anyone with the temerity to disagree with the patent madness, the disdain for facts (especially biological ones)... And people are just going right along with it...
   Ok, I'm shutting up now.


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