Friday, December 02, 2016

Rener and Ryron Gracie: Awesome Kimura Counter Counter

Very cool.
Haven't tried it out yet myself though.


Blogger The Mystic said...

The best tool for Kimura management, I've found, is:


I will always remember my few months of Judo practice during my bodybuilding days in which few other than my sensei (an international champion and amazingly awesome human being) could throw me around, and it was all because I was 6' and 240 lbs while other guys were somewhere between 5'10 and 6'2, but almost never above 200. People of such size discrepancy who had been training for three or four years stood basically no chance against me. My sensei was about 6'1, 230 (albeit with significantly more body fat than I), so he and I were often paired for exercises. I had to really focus on applying technique properly and even allowing myself to be caught in techniques I could brute-force my way through in order to learn.

Ultimately, though, I've never grappled with anyone so incredibly proficient as my sensei; it was like trying to wrestle with an ocean wave. Everything I tried was fruitless and no matter what I did, it seemed, he would wind up easily resting on top of me. It was crazy. Even though I could basically bench press him off of me, that was useless when he made use of my own body to anchor himself against me.

However, he was in his 50s and had been an international champion on multiple occasions. Short of that caliber of opponent, I was basically indomitable. I could curl my way right out of any armbar and I could lift my opponent into the air with my arms nearly fully extended straight out in front of me. Not much can be done against a gorilla.

Anyway, this is kinda off topic, but it's what I think about a lot regarding martial arts, now; I much more fully appreciate the role of sheer strength and the degree to which martial arts is a necessary combination of that physical capacity and intellectual apprehension of technique and strategy.

So what I'm really saying is: you keep watchin' your videos; I'm hitting the gym for a return to form. Next time we hang out together and we have grappling space, it's ON.


11:00 AM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

LOL yeah, strength is a big factor...though I, personally, have never met anybody strong enough to resist good technique...

It's funny, b/c I think we trained at different times with the same guy, and my experience was basically the same as yours, but because of technique. I had been training in BJJ--and I should stress: *with guys who had mostly learned on their own from videos* (this was back in the day, before there was MMA in every town).

I started training in that judo class in [town] (you know where), and went through it like a hot knife through butter. Only the instructor (who could wipe the floor with me effortlessly) was any challenge once things went to the mat.

Those days are done, though...I'm lucky to hold my own on the mat in a BJJ/MMA class. People are just SO MUCH BETTER than they were 20 years ago...not just because BJJ has been digested, but also because wrestling takedowns and Muay Thai strikes have, too. And me being 20 years older ain't helpin' anything.

As soon as this semester's over, I'm getting back to training again...I'm a pathetic blob right now...not that that should matter for whoopin' *yer* sorry ass, bub...

11:14 AM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

I *did* have one guy I used to roll with a lot who was really strong and did kick my ass a lot, come to think of it...but my technique was *sheet* at the time is my defense.

2:04 PM  

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