Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Putin Personally Involved In U.S. Election Hack

First question: is the GOP a viable American political party? Or is it now entirely a puppet of a Russian autocrat?
This question will be answered by the GOP's response to this report.
After we find out exactly who's on our side and who's on theirs, we can start formulating a more definite plan for a response.


Anonymous Critical Spirits said...

So I've run into resistance in some of my social circles about the Russian hacking, and I'm curious as to what you think of their arguments.

"We have no evidence that Russia is involved in any type of interference with the US election."

It seems to me that this argument fails to make distinct Russian involvement with hacking voter machines (which would directly affect the election in an obvious way) and the DNC and Podesta hacks.

Then there's the counter-examples:

"Even Loretta Lynch said we saw no intereference." or "NSA officials are saying that there is no evidence." or "Julian Assange says that he got no materials from the Russians."

I feel like there are distinctions that can be made with respect to the Russian interference charge, and no one seems to be making them. For instance, intending to influence election vs. actually influencing election, hacking voting machine vs. hacking emails, evidence coming from initial investigations and reports vs. evidence coming from a formal investigation with clearance coming from the state department.

Who do we believe in all of this (I for damn sure don't trust Assange)? Even the stories that give us some reason to be suspicious of the Russians fail to name which intelligence official(s) are of the opinion that Russia has had an influence.

Many of my conservative friends and family are fanning the conspiracy theory that our intelligence community is fabricating these reports in order to turn Russia into a bogeyman and undermine confidence in a Trump victory. Are my friends insane?

I have almost no shot of making my case rhetorically to these people.

These are the same people who had absolutely no problem with accusing Clinton of corruption on shaky grounds.

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