Monday, December 12, 2016

Oxford Students Told To Use The Non-English, Non-Pronoun 'Ze' Instead of 'He', 'She' (?)

Can this possibly be for real?
As I often tell my students: you-all need to learn a lesson I learned very early in my life: how to say "go to hell."

This totalitarian nonsense is bad enough on its own. Even if it were the only bit of Newspeak to be forced on people, it should be resisted.
But I think you're naive if you think this is the end of it.

And look, I've long thought that English needs a non-sex-specific second-person singular pronoun other than 'it.' It would be handy, as anyone who's done any technical writing (I mean: writing that is technical...not...y'know, writing like manuals for toasters or whatever) knows. In philosophy we're all the time talking about imaginary or non-specific (contra certain feminists) they don't have sexes. So it's weird to call them 'he' or 'she.' But all the suggestions (back in the day it was usually 'co' and 'cos') always sound stupid. So they've never caught on. Which is why the epicene 'they' is preferable, IMO.
But now that they're being imposed for irrational, totalitarian reasons in support of nutty, far-left theories...they ought to be resisted.
Jebus. How is it that someone as crappy as Judith Butler has had such an effect on society?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, basic question, which I find hard to Google: What's the declension of 'ze'? Ze, zer, zer? Ze, zis, zim? Ze, zeir, zem? Combination of these, something completely novel?

Mistakes in grammar, even if there is considerable disagreement among the coiners, is an aggression. It will therefor be necessary, since there are no set authorities on the grammar of 'ze', to humbly ask audiences to do some free labor and explain the declension. Every. Single. Time.

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