Sunday, December 18, 2016

New Real Peer Review--Read It!

If you're not following New Real Peer Review, you probably underestimate how damn idiotic the dregs of the humanities and social sciences have become.
Most astonishing recent offering: on "black anality" in pr0n.
Remember, kids: these people are getting Ph.D.s, academic positions, tenure...the whole nine yards... You can sit down and make up nonsense like this (watching porn as your research, I guess) while others are sweating out papers on Kant and Carthage and quantum field theory.
It's not just that this stuff is's worse than worthless. It makes students dumber. Hell, it makes the world dumber.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of the stuff linked to on that page is bad, but I'm not into the overall vibe of the site (feed?) or the administrator's apparent attitude. It would be one thing to hold that philosophy of culture is worthwhile, but that much/most of it is (currently) awful. But here it often seems the idea is more that the philosophy of culture is just not worth studying at all. I think that's wrong, and dangerous, frankly.

3:13 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

I dunno man.

First, I'm not sure I'd call that stuff "the philosophy of culture." Though that might not be a completely inapt characterizatoin.

Second, I'd say: basically *everything* there is *awful.* That's a lot worse than some of the stuff being bad.

Third: it's also fairly representative of a big chunk of what seems to be going on in the humanities and social sciences--and this needs to be addressed.

I do think that it's easy to slide from *this particular stuff is terrible* to *this whole project is terrible*...and I'm *inclined* to think that's wrong... But damn...*so much* of it is just shit that I have to say, I'm starting to wonder myself whether it's possible to do it well.

And the guy who runs it is in either the humanities or social it's not just STEM worship / anti-humanities/soc sci.

Anyway--I don't think I agree, but needless to say, I could be wrong.

5:25 PM  

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