Thursday, December 22, 2016

MTV Deletes Video Telling White Guys How To "Do Better" In 2017

  Look...I think you'll admit that this is astonishing.
  Who among you could have predicted...that MTV still exists???
   This is like...I dunno...getting a Nintendo Power Glove for Christmas or something. "Blast from the past" doesn't really quite do it justice.
   But anyway. The video still exists, too...and it is...dumb. Hard to believe, eh?
   Also...everybody needs to stop using the "word" (and I use the term loosely), 'woke.' I do what you want, friends. But it's just dumb. Ditto 'mansplaining,' what with that one being even dumber. And that black friends trope...look, as I saw somebody somewhere point out: if having black friends doesn't count as evidence against the charge that you're racist...what does count? Anything? Or is this another case in which lefties think that the accusation is self-confirming? Needless to say, it isn't conclusive evidence...but conclusive evidence isn't exactly all that common when we're talking about controversial claims. The fact that Smith has black friends simply is (non-conclusive) evidence that Smith isn't racist. It is not evidentially weightless. So if Smith is accused of racism, there's not a damn thing wrong with him citing the fact that he's got black friends in rebuttal. It's possible that Smith dislikes black people despite his black friends. And it's possible that Smith's black friends have failed to detect that subtle racism that your PC racism hyper-detector managed, somehow, to ferret out.'re just full of shit about it. That right there's also what we call "a possibility."
   Ah, whatever.
   I don't really care about this stuff much, except for being annoyed by the double standard is all.


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