Thursday, December 15, 2016

GamerGate = PizzaGate!!!! (???)

   Political correctness survives largely by being accepted by the media. Its myths and absurdities are repeatedly reported as fact. Here's yet another tissue of lies, half-truths and nonsense, presented yet again as if they were obvious truth. 
   I don't doubt that people are harassed online, and that women are more susceptible than men. I don't doubt that there was harassment of some anti-GamerGate women... However...that's about the extent of the truth in this piece. 
   GamerGate did not begin with a campaign aiming to whip up hatred against Zoe Quinn. Rather, her boyfriend simply posted a lamentation about their relationship--in which, by all accounts, she'd screwed him over badly--on some damn obscure place (8chan?). I read a couple of the installments back in the day, and they were sad. At least in what I read, there was no discernible intent to incite harassment. But Quinn was: (a) an SJW vocal about her own SJ virtue, and (b) sleeping with a games journalist who had given a good review of her (crappy, pure text) game. So this incident caused a couple of different explosions at once. First, people got mad at Quinn personally. Second, they got mad about dishonesty in gaming journalism. Then there was what was rather clearly a coordinated backlash by gaming journalists, characterizing this all as retrograde, misogynistic political incorrrectness...and thus there was a third explosion: PC vs. anti-PC, writ small, in the world of gaming. 
   Anyway, Jeong's nonsense isn't really worth responding to. The PCs in this theater of the war are similar to those in other theaters. They lie, they make shit up, they characterize rational opposition as bigotry, they fabricate "hate crimes." Note that she doesn't mention the bomb threats called in against GamerGate conferences. Note that she doesn't mention Sarkeesian's obvious exaggerations with respect to alleged threats. 
   Then, of course, there's the utterly implausible suggestion that this has anything to do with PizzaGate...
  To some extent this is extremists feeding off of each other... But to some extent it isn't. GamerGate, to the extent that it is at all organized, does not condone harassment. It simply battles the bullshit of the Jeongs of the world. There are, undoubtedly, harassers...but that's freelance assholery, and nothing supported by GamerGate. In fact, GamerGaters tracked down one of Sarkeesian's harassers. Surely the anti-GGers know this...but they continue to ply the myths because it's politically expedient. 
   Ok whatever. Not sleeping. Not gonna proofread. Whatever.


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