Thursday, December 08, 2016

Drum Falls For The HateCrimeWave Nonsense

   Look, there's little evidence that there has been some kind of hatecrimewave since the election. The reports are typically sketchy, ambiguous, and unsubstantiated in crucial ways. The left is known for exaggerating and straight-up fabricating this kind of thing. And a lot of the reported incidents have the same implausible script: groups of roving unidentifiable white guys conveniently identifying themselves as Trump supporters and committing minor acts of violence against non-white women, doing no evident harm...and leaving no witnesses.
   Then there's the schools problem: reports of distraught students...reported by faculty. And 'faculty' is a virtual synonym for: liberal faculty. So...are kids actually fearful because of Trump? Very probably not. It's probably fairly typical liberal exaggeration/artifice/fabrication. "Our students are afraid of Trump" is just a way of saying: we hate Trump. It's in the vicinity of a liberal analog of that stuff about taking Trump seriously, not literally.
   Oh, and: if the kids are afraid, it's very probable that it's their parents and teachers who made them that way. Kids generally don't pat very close attention to politics.
   So now there's this ridiculous help line. I wish they'd publish data about how many serious calls this 24-hour boondoggle actually gets. Not that those could actually be trusted.
   We had something similar happen at my place. We got an email from the "diversity" people enumerating all these terrible things that had happened on campus since the election--hatechalkings (!!), fights, flocks of students running to the counselors because of election-induced panic attacks, sobbing students asking to be escorted to the counseling center by the campus police because they were afraid to go on their own, and so on. I called bullshit on it, and an investigation by the student paper showed that every item on the list seems to have been false or unsubstantiated. The list of falsehoods was being used to argue for about $50k worth of new "diversity" initiatives. So far no acknowledgement by the relevant committee that they fell for a collection of obvious falsehoods.
   Then there was the SPLC nonsense...
   Anyway, this new nonsense is more nonsense in the same vein. Liberals are addicted to weeping about how fearful they are of conservatives...this is a way of asserting that conservatives are bad. Now they've upped their game: children are fearful of conservatives. What kind of monsters would frighten innocent children??? 
   This stuff is really sick and twisted. I think there's something deep there about the demented nature of the contemporary American left.
   I can't believe Drum fell for that stuff.


Blogger Aa said...

Um...parents have been frightening children for millennia, it's called religion. It's a twisted view that if you don't do everything your parents' religion says, you'll end up burning for eternity in hell. It's really not fair to dump this stuff on one side or the other (look what parents were saying about Obama and what the fever swamps are passing in those fake news stories such as "Pizzagate"). Richard Dawkins once wrote that all religion was a form of child abuse...a view I'm sympathetic too having grown up with it and then leaving it behind.

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you mind linking to the campus newspaper report on fabricated hate crimes? I have been waiting for someone to do a detailed investigation (which I do not consider the usual reporting to be).

2:31 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

Yeah, I don't deny that the other side does it too.

Can you email me and I'll email it? Since the re-emergence of PC, and the outing of some un-PC people in philosophy, I've come to feel as if maybe I should make more of an effort to remain a-n-o-n-y-m-o-u-s-e.

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will do. Totally understandable.

7:19 PM  

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