Saturday, December 17, 2016

Carolina 100-Kentucky 103

Good game all around, first half was fantastic.
With Theo--and without the terrible call against Hicks that got Roy T'd up--it's a different game. But, then, if we hit free throws, or play a little D, it's a different game, too...  Without Theo and Hicks, we were way out-athleted...but still hung in there.
I know that one-and-done-centrism is profaning college hoops...and that makes it hard to like UK these days...but they sure are fun to watch.


Blogger Pete Mack said...

One and done is the only sane option for superstars playing college hoops. Players have a limited window for making money, and a finite chance of getting a serious injury in any one year. Playing for free when you have another option is simply economically rational behavior. I have little sympathy for a league that forbids even third-party (endorsement) payments, yet compensates coaches higher than any other salaried position in the university, and rakes in billions a year in TV contracts..

10:27 PM  

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