Thursday, November 17, 2016

Yeah, Charleston: Safety Pins, Symbolism, and Why I Was Like "Naw, Son"

Ok, now here's a man I may not agree with about everything, but I can hear what he's saying without cringing. See how you can say things in a clear and non-dopey-jargon-laden way? Also: a genuine and non-stilted way? See how much better it is?
I still haven't made it back to re-read that other cringey "performative wokeness" thing yet though, so who knows? I could be wrong about's a theoretical possibility...

(You've also got to love that one pic.: MAKE WHITE AMERICA AGAIN!!
At what point do you get so mad about something that drawing a swastika seems like a good idea? I mean...presumably you've got to be pret-ty pissed off...  (Of course there's a decent chance that's the other side doing the hoax thing again...but I dunno...the inability to even get this simple, shitty message out speaks of sincerity, to my mind.))


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