Sunday, November 27, 2016

Trump Claims Millions Voted Illegally--On No Evidence

   Even if they did, who'd they vote for? So far, if I'm not mistaken, most of the handful of people we have caught were voting for Trumpo, yes?
   So, though I am absolutely willing to spend some money on an things stand now, there's just no reason at all to think that there was some massive voter fraud...and it was in favor of Democrats.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, let me get this straight. The President-elect is lying to the American people about the integrity of the election *that he won*? I keep having to remind myself: enough Americans really voted for this guy to allow him to win the Electoral College. Based on that incredible fact, I can only conclude that nothing he says will make any difference going forward because none of it mattered during the campaign. A huge percentage of Americans will just continue supporting him no matter what. I kind of miss the good old days when we worried about the President lying to us about WMD in Iraq. We really had it good back then when outrage about lies seemed to matter.

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