Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Biology Don't Real: No Such Thing As Sex Edition

Gender studies is largely gibberish.
There's an on-going bad rap against the humanities--they're often falsely said to be inherently BS. It isn't true...but for the past thirty years or so, many of the humanities (and the softer social sciences, and the inherently political pseudo-disciplines in between) have been bullshit. Part of the bad rap against them is undeserved...but part of it is absolutely deserved. Much of what goes on in the humanities right now is utter gibberish. Studying it probably actually makes you dumber. Majoring in women's / gender studies or similar fields is rather like majoring in Scientology. You will probably get cleverer at bamboozling people, and at throwing up sophistical smokescreens to obfuscate your crackpot'll probably get pretty good at honing your "intellectual" facade...but, in terms of reasoning and discerning the truth, you'd probably be better off studying nothing at all.


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