Saturday, November 19, 2016

Anti-Apparent-Muslim Incident Against Hiker In California?

   Honestly, I think we have good reason to be skeptical of such reports given the left's tendency to fake this stuff.
   OTOH, I've lost my objectivity about all this crap.
   Alarm bells didn't go off for me when I read this, but as soon as I looked at the comments, I realized that I'd looked right over obvious grounds for skepticism:
[1] Ms. Pancholy says that she was wearing a head scarf for protection from the sun because she has lupus--but her neck, shoulders, face and arms are left unprotected. That's not decisive, but it's odd. We'd need input on this from a doctor or lupus patient.
I'd add to that:
[2] Ms. Pancholy's headscarf doesn't really look anything like a hijab.
And, more importantly,
[3]  she's some kind of leftish activist type--she says she'd spent an hour or so in the parking lot blogging and videotaping herself. (Well, those do, indeed, sound like the characteristic activities of such a person...) And she was on some kind of vaguely-described "peace walk" or something.
   My guess: more likely to be fake than not.
   My general, background theory on all this is:
   A Trump victory is less likely to increase the number of "hate-crimes" by kooks on the right; it's more likely to increase the number of "hate-crime" hoaxes by kooks on the left.
   Why do I think that?
   Oh, I don't know.
   Something like:
   If you've won, you're not mad about it. If you lose, you are mad about it.
   Trump supporters, including the kooks, should be pretty happy and satisfied. It's the other side that's angry and frustrated. I find it difficult to believe that all that many Trump supporters suddenly think that such actions are going to be tolerated in "Trump's America". (Lord I feel sickened by typing that phrase, even in scare quotes...) And Trump isn't even in office yet fer the lova... OTOH, the left loves the idea that it is oppressed and victimized. Victims are the heroes of the left. And they are so sure that they are victims that they are willing to fake victimhood if they have to. And they're mad. And they have an extensive history of faking this stuff. So it's a known way that the left expresses anger and frustration.
   Here's another suggestion: if there's more craziness on one side, we'd expect there to be more of many different kinds of craziness. That is, increased craziness across a spectrum of different types of ation. We wouldn't expect only an increase in craziness with no witnesses. We're seeing a fair amount of public nuttiness from the left, including violent protests that are big and undeniable. OTOH, we're not seeing big, undeniable public demonstrations by racist Trump supporters emboldened by their believe that racism and violence are now permissible in "Trump's America"...
   Anyway, I don't buy this one, but obviously it's a hunch. I'd be willing to bet a modest amount of money that it's a hoax, but not a lot of it.


Blogger The Mystic said...

I imagine transvictimhood will be on the rise soon enough.

You can't tell them whether they ought to be victims or not based on the mere omission of actual oppression. They feel their victimhood in their SOULS, damn it. It's their IDENTITY.

11:24 AM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

I'm not under the illusion that I'm particularly good at telling when people are lying, but I saw a video of her somewhere (will find) and from the brief clip, I kinda believed her more.

She didn't, anyway, come off as an obviously strident lefty nut.

Also, it seems that she does this hike basically every day, which...maybe increases the chances that someone has seen her before and targeted her?

I dunno.
Maybe, on little more than hunch-y grounds, I might now be more inclined to think this is real.

11:36 AM  

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