Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Trumpo Unbound

   I'm not exactly sure what's left... Actually grabbing some...uh...genitals...right on camera? Doing that shooting-somebody-on-Fifth-Avenue thing? Sucker punching Clinton during the next debate? Or maybe digging up the corpse of Vince Foster and seating it in the front row with his family? Announcing plans for a Running Man-inspired reality show in which the American Gladiators hunt down and kill illegal immigrants? There's not really a whole lot of places left for Trumpo to go...
   But, anyway, I guess people who think he's been too restrained and decorous are in for a treat.


Blogger Aa said...

It appears that "unbound" means eviscerating the Republican party. This is so much fun to watch...er, or would be if there was absolutely no possibility of Trump in the White House.

7:49 AM  

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