Saturday, October 08, 2016

Trump Continues To Slander The Central Park Five

   Dogmatism is a kind of insanity.
   Also, though the left flings charges of racism everywhere at every opportunity...the case against Trump builds every time race is a plausible factor in explanations of his actions. Or so it seems to me. The Mexican rapists nonsense was pure bullshit. (Is, actually, as the left continues to misquote him shamelessly. The worse part IMO is that it isn't even strategic lying. They are so dedicated to finding racism everywhere that they seem unable to recognize that what he said is in no way equivalent to what they want him to have said.) A concern with illegal immigration...well, IMO everyone ought to be concerned with illegal immigration. It needn't have a single damn thing to do with race... If Canadians were flooding across the border we should be alarmed. But it can...and sometimes it does...  Then there was the Judge Curiel business. Really damning... Dude is a Hoosier fer the lova God... But...somewhat complicated by the fact that Trump used the same argument template that the left uses all the time...: if you're of race A, then you can't expect fair treatment from people of race B. That wrong-footed me, I'll admit, and I was confused for awhile. But obviously it doesn't show that Trump isn't racist...just that the relevant sectors of the left are racist. (Not every leftist of course...but there is a general (and often very explicit) anti-white orientation of the extreme PC/identity politics left). It's not what you'd call's right out in the open, in, e.g., the theory that "whiteness" is essentially a matter of oppression. (They're willing to suspend their anti-essentialist scruples in this one case...).)
   And, of course, Trump's position on the Central Park Five can be explained by other phenomena: jumping to conclusion, eagerness to find someone to blame for a heinous crime, theories about "superpredators" that were current at the time, and, of course, dogmatism.
   But as cases stack up...with racism as a likely partial motive in many of them...well...that hypothesis becomes more and more plausible.
   The left has made plenty of irrational arguments for the proposition that Trump is racist. (My favorite is probably that he sometimes uses the locution "the blacks"...  I mean, really, could there be any clearer sign? He says, e.g., "the Vets," But anyway, just because crazy people accuse someone of something doesn't mean the charge isn't true. I don't think that Trump is a dedicated, conscious, theoretical racist. I think he's the other kind. But that's plenty bad enough.


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