Thursday, October 13, 2016

Quartz: "Women Have Told Us For Years That Donald Trump Grabbed Them. Why Do We Only Believe It When He Says It."

   [Insert incredulous squint here]
   Oh, hell...I don't know what you're looking for here... Patriarchy? Misogyny? Rape culture? Bigfoot? Phlogiston? Xenu?
   A. I didn't really know anything about Donald Trump until he started his sales pitch to be President. I expect nobody else really knew about the accusations either.
   B. Um...are you seriously asking why we are typically more inclined to believe a confession than an uncorroborated accusation?
   C. Though actually, we don't "believe it when he says it." Because he doesn't say it. He denies it.
   D. Unless you mean that bus thing. Yeah, I didn't believe that either.
   E.  Until, that is, Leeds and Stoynoff leveled their very credible accusations. Then I believed it.
   F.  So...that post is about as wrong as it could be.
   G. And from such a credible source, too...
   H.  Also: no, I'm not going to give presumption to accusations. Especially not accusations of sexual assault now that PC and feminism have made such accusations en vogue. False accusations--perhaps once pretty rare--now seem to be as common as PTSD at a gender studies convention. You've got to be a pretty gullible to "listen and believe," especially in the current climate.
   I.  That's about enough internet for me today.


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