Sunday, October 02, 2016

"If Americans Can Be Transgender[ed], Can They Be Transracial?"

   Unsurprisingly, not very good.
   A few good bits, as when the interviewee mentions one of the most obvious/glaring contradictions about the transgender PC neo-orthodoxy: it says that biology is irrelevant, but cites brain scans when they allegedly show what they want them to show. Biology is invoked when convenient, derided ("biotruths"!) when inconvenient.
   The answer to the question in the title is easy. It's yes. If transgenderism made any sense, then transracialism would make sense. Neither, however, do. The two stories are too similar to accept one and reject the other. Reason seems to demand rejecting them both. A bad but perhaps minimally acceptable error would be to accept both. Accepting one and rejecting the other is right out.
   One of the few things that gives me hope about this insanity is that many/most commenters at the Atlantic seem to recognize bullshit when they read it. They not only recognize that the theory is nuts, they also recognize that the Atlantic is engaged in a propaganda campaign, publishing numerous articles supporting the PC neo-orthodoxy...and only articles that support it. Despite the obviousness and greater strength of the arguments against it, they have not, to the best of my knowledge, published a single article that dissents from the politically correct position. I suppose the idea is to just keep pumping out the propaganda, and ignoring criticism of it, until the opposition is worn down. If rational dissent carries the day, I suppose those who proselytized for the crazy theories will simply try to pretend it never happened.


Blogger The Mystic said...

Yeah, that was a pretty lame discussion.

It's actually kind of interesting from a legitimate "sociology of philosophy", perhaps, to observe how a group so thoroughly entrenched in confusion handles these sorts of issues which actually hold potential for causing problems between factions within the confused group.

This is how delusions being the dying process. We can hold their hands by their side in the philosophical hospice until they, hopefully, pass peacefully.

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