Sunday, October 02, 2016

"Finally, Someone Who Thinks Like Me": The Story of a Trump Supporter

   This, at the Washington Post, is interesting.
   As a piece of journalism, though, it kind of worries me. Ignoring all the other aspects of the story, the one that leapt out at fact, I don't see how it could not leap out at anyone...was: the story is about a woman with mental problems--like, forcibly institutionalized, cops coming to her house and taking her away mental problems. When that's combined with the title of the piece, it's hard not to worry about anti-Trump bias/intentions. OTOH, much of what makes her clearly delusional is her faith in the kind of obviously crazy right-wing copypasta, memes, Facebook posts, repeatedly-forwarded emails etc. that constitute the coin of the realm in the rightosphere... So that part seems legit.
   Anyway. That's all I got.


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