Saturday, October 29, 2016

Cloudy With A 20% Chance of Trump

    America--land of Washington and Lincoln, as you might recall--currently seems to have nearly a 20% chance of electing Donald Trump as President.
   And God knows what f***ing Anthony Wiener's latest penis-related antics will do to that chance.
   I'm so very despondent about the trajectory of American liberalism that if the GOP could have manged to cough up an even minimally qualified, intelligent, sane and virtuous candidate...oh, even minimally qualified, intelligent, sane or virtuous one...I'd have been all ears. But noooo.  They almost always manage to be worse than the Dems in almost every damn thing they do. How do you manage to consistently be worse than the Democrats??? HOW???? That should be virtually impossible.
   Uh...anyway... The ray of hope I'm clinging to...or...whatever one does to or with a ray of that Clinton really is a committed centrist who is lying to the "progressives," and that a Clinton '45 would do what Clinton '42 did, turning the Dems back to the center. Maybe even...revive the spirit of the DLC? That's possible, right?? It's not even that unlikely...right?
   That, of course, is predicated on the assumption that the country does not go insane...insaner...and elect the ignorant, unqualified moronic quasi-rapist with mental problems... Which, as I mentioned, apparently could still happen...
   tl;dr: I hate everything about American politics right now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here, watch this video of a gibbon crossing a suspension bridge. You need a smile.

10:09 AM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...


God bless ye, A

Stupid adorable gibbon

10:15 AM  

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