Saturday, October 22, 2016

Caesar Vargas: What I really Told Project Veritas

   I'm chagrined that I thought there was any chance that O'Keefe's Project Falsitas was telling the truth in that heavily-edited video. But so much of what Foval said was straight-up awful even without edits, that my head went all whirly...I...I got so confused...
   Anyway, here's the tl:dr of Vargas: O'Keefe is, indeed, a big fat liar / propagandist of Pravdaian proportions.
   Is Vargas giving us the straight dope? Well, we know that O'Keefe is a liar. We don't know anything about Vargas. Winner: Vargas. That is: in the absence of any other information, we have reason to dismiss the voice-over charges by PF against Vargas.
   Of course there's an easy way for O'Keefe to prove his as-yet unsupported accusations: he can release the raw footage. That would be pretty much an end on it. That would, presumably (and ignoring any other shenanigans) tell us everything we need to know.
   However: O'Keefe says he will not release said footage. So not only does presumption stay with Vargas, the refusal itself is further evidence that O'Keefe is a lying sack of shit.
   Ad hominems about funding are normally weak and commonly misleading, ergo I avoid them...but given the evidence we already have on the table, I think the lying sack of shit conclusion is further supported by the fact that Trump gave money to Project Falsitas.
   So that's basically an end on that.
   Unless/until PF releases the uncut footage, of course.


Blogger Dark Avenger said...

Gee, Winston, what's next? Given his past record of nothing burgers, you really thought he'd find something this time around?

"Optimism is the triumph of hope over experience."

9:44 AM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

I envy you, TVDA.

You don't make mistakes like this because you don't think about things.


Must be nice.

9:46 AM  

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